We invite for cooperation:
  • Clothing manufacturers;

  • Wedding and evening wear manufacturers;

  • Manufacturers of souvenirs, jewellery and New Year's decorations;

  • Manufacturers of furniture and lighting fixtures;

  • Suppliers of decorative elements and accessories;

  • Representatives of the beauty industry.

…and everyone whose business, in any respest, is related to the purchase of accessories.

500+ customers have chosen Briolex


Firstly, we work directly with proven factories that manufacture accessories, which have been tried and tested by us.

Secondly, when choosing a factory we focus on the quality of the goods, not on the attractive terms of cooperation.

Thirdly, our representative personally visits factories and controls the quality of purchased products.

We value our company’s reputation, so we guarantee the quality of the supplied accessories.

ILLUSTRATIVE FACT: We have 500 wholesale customers, most of whom have been with Briolex since the date of its foundation, that is for more than 10 years.

Your benefits from cooperation

  • Selection from 5,000+ decoration items (the main part of the assortment is always available at our warehouse).

  • Time saving: We tackle all issues using our assets (from taking an order to the organization of the most convenient logistics).

  • Minimum delivery time: all over the territory of Ukraine – from 1 day, to ANY point of the globe – starting from 14 days.

  • Certified products with a complete package of documents.

  • Possibility to arrange payment in any way that is convenient for you.

To promote the product:

We provide photos and videos for placement on your resources, as well as samples and current product catalogues.

In addition, we offer standalone catalogues for different manufacturers, which makes it easier for you to choose and communicate with us.

Get a free product catalogue and see for yourself that Briolex has all the accessories you need.

Get your profit and comfort with us

The experience of our current partners shows that

Briolex decoration elements are sold at a retail margin ranging from 50% to 500%.

The minimum order amount is UAH 5,000.

We individually negotiate comfortable cooperation formats with each partner.

Within a long-term productive interaction we are ready to move to the highest stage of loyalty – deliveries on consignment terms, payment deferral and other most convenient options.

And here is how we are going to work together:

  1. You choose the product.

  2. We discuss and agree upon all matters of cooperation.

  3. We sign the contract.

  4. You pay / prepay.

  5. We send goods anywhere in the world.

We fulfil our obligations honestly and conscientiously. You get your order on time and renew and enrich the assortment increasing the income of your company.

Your personal discount

We are ready to make you an individual offer to start our cooperation:

Specify the details and the number of items you need and we will give you a personal discount on your first order.