Main Briolex’s activity is the supply of accessories. At the same time, one unique feature significantly distinguishes us from our market colleagues.

Our company manufactured decor items for the beauty industry, so we know all the subtle aspects and specific details.

And we follow a principle that’s been proven for years: Class is achieved by combining product aesthetic beauty with its high quality. And there is no place for compromise.

So once again here is what you’ve read before:

Briolex knows about accessories a little bit more than any other supplier.

Modern design

We understand how important the appearance of a product is. That’s a strong plus to the overall first impression.

As the saying runs, the devil is in the details. And such small decor items will allow your ready-made products to sparkle with new bright colours.

We have our own in-house staff of designers who monitor fashion trends and design original products in line with fresh conceptual ideas.

Moreover, we take into account various design trends so that each potential customer could satisfy their own aesthetic needs. We also regularly participate in thematic exhibitions/fairs/forums to make our products relevant to the present day.

Direct manufacturers

We have direct and long-term contracts with factories. We know how to deal with them on an equal basis because we were producers ourselves.

And we work by a selection principle. 


  1. First we choose several factories and go to production sites.
  2. We check manufacturing capacities and possibilities of working with required raw materials.
  3. We set the same task for everyone and prepare a trial order.
  4. We analyse the finished product and choose manufacturers.

We know how to set a task. We understand how to check it. We know how to arrange a long-term cooperation in order to work at a high level under official contracts.

That’s why our prices are comfortable. That’s why our products are certified. That’s why we take responsibility for quality.

Focus on modernization

Every industry is developing in quantum leaps.

Our designers frequently design bright, exclusive products that require special attention in the process of production.

We’re not waiting for trends, we’re creating them.

We have special representatives who regularly visit different factories, get acquainted with the equipment and study technologies.

This allows us to always work with the most relevant and modern solutions, so that you can offer your customers modern and most fashionable ideas, and not those that have already lost their popularity.

Moreover, we are able to work according to the system of individual orders to manufacture really exclusive products.


Focusing on continuous innovation, we help our customers create their own fashion.

Officiality at every stage

Briolex is a company that chooses an official level at every stage of communication. All our relationships are strictly legal.

This way, you get certified products with  the entire necessary documentation.

Yes, we have direct contracts with factories and we use our own warehouses, which allows us to maintain the stock of the majority of our products and to constantly expand our product range with new products.

So when you order a product, you don’t have to wait for it to be manufactured. It’s already available. 

The only question is how to deliver it.

And talking about delivery. We fully take care of all logistics and deliver every order using the door-to-door system. We develop for you the most convenient and profitable delivery route.

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